Maryland Soft Red Winter Wheat


University of Maryland Molecular Pathologist: Dr. Nidhi Rawat
University of Maryland Assistant Research Scientist: Dr. Jason Wight

Most Effective Fungicides

Brand Rate Timing Efficacy
Prosaro (Bayer) 6.5 to 8.2 fl oz per acre Anthesis (Feekes 10.51) Good
Caramba (BASF) 13.5 to 17 fl oz per acre Anthesis (Feekes 10.51) Good
Proline (Bayer) 5 to 5.7 fl oz per acre Anthesis (Feekes 10.51) Good
Tebuconazole (Generics) 4.0 fl oz per acre Anthesis (Feekes 10.51) Fair
Miravis Ace 13.7 fl oz per acre Anthesis (Feekes 10.51) Good

Supplemental Information Courtesy of North Central Regional Committee on Management of Small Grain Diseases (NCERA-184): Fungicide Efficacy for Control of Wheat Diseases

2019 MR Soft Red Winter Wheat Varieties

Entry Name Source FHB Rating FHB Resistance
AgriMAXX 415 AgriMAXX Wheat Co. 15.0 MR
AgriMAXX 463 AgriMAXX Wheat Co. 6.0 MR
AgriMAXX 485 AgriMAXX Wheat Co. 6.0 MR
ARW1813 Armor Seed LLC 14.0 MR
DG9750 Dyna-Gro Seed 7.0 MR
DG9862 Dyna-Gro Seed 11.0 MR
DG9941 Dyna-Gro Seed 15.0 MR
LW2848 Local Seed Co. 8.0 MR
LW2867 Local Seed Co. 12.0 MR
MBX17-P-275 Mercer Brand 10.0 MR
MBX932 Mercer Brand 6.0 MR
MAS35 Mid-Atlantic Seeds 10.0 MR
MAS61 Mid-Atlantic Seeds 18.0 MR
MAS67 Mid-Atlantic Seeds 10.0 MR
MAS86 Mid-Atlantic Seeds 10.0 MR
MAS105 Mid-Atlantic Seeds 4.0 MR
MAS106 Mid-Atlantic Seeds 9.0 MR
MAS116 Mid-Atlantic Seeds 12.0 MR
SH7200 Southern Harvest 34.0 MR
Viper Syngenta 20.0 MR
USG3228 UniSouth Genetics 8.0 MR
USG3329 UniSouth Genetics 13.0 MR
15MDX5 University of Maryland 15.0 MR
15MDX20 University of Maryland 12.0 MR
15MW131 University of Maryland 14.0 MR
Liberty5658 Virginia Crop Improvement Assn. 12.0 MR
VA09MAS1-12-5-1-1 Virginia Crop Improvement Assn. 26.0 MR
Catawba Virginia Tech 12.0 MR
VA-MD1616W-299 Virginia Tech 16.0 MR
Croplan CP8550 Winfield United 8.0 MR

FHB Resistance - R=Resistant, MR=Moderate Resistant, MS=Moderate Susceptible, S=Susceptible, Rating - 0-100 where 0 indicates no symptoms (highly resistant) and 100 indicates complete head coverage (highly susceptible)

* Please Note: The USWBSI recommends the planting of Moderate Resistant (MR) varieties, public or private, as an effective way to help manage FHB. Varieties with a rating of MR or better for FHB were determined through official state variety trials and/or recommendations from each state’s public small grain specialists.