Soft Winter Wheat – Northern Region

The following links to individual states will bring you to information on variety response to Fusarium Head Blight (FHB=Scab) observed in that state, as well as provide information on yield, quality, and levels of resistance to other wheat diseases. As a class, SRWW varies considerably for resistance to FHB with some cultivars showing excellent levels of moderate resistance and other being very susceptible. Thus, a grower must carefully examine FHB rating from trials designed to assess FHB resistance when selecting a cultivar.

Illinois: 2016 Winter Wheat Variety Trial - Scab Resistance Evaluations 2016 Wheat Performance Trials Wheat Variety Trials Home Page
Indiana: Recommended Varieties below:
  Variety Source FHB Resistance
INW0412 Ag Alumni Seed moderate Type I and Type II
  INW1131 Ag Alumni Seed moderate Type I and Type II
  INW1021 Ag Alumni Seed moderate Type II
  Bess Ag Alumni Seed moderate Type I
Kentucky: 2013-16 FHB/Scab Ratings 2016 Small Grain Variety Performance Test Report 2016 Small Grains Variety Test Results - Tables
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Missouri: 2016 Entries - Variety Characteristics-Disease Ratings 2016 Soft Red Winter Wheat Performance Test Results Soft Red Winter Wheats Variety Testing Home Page
New York: 2016 Summaries (includes FHB data) Small Grains Cultivar Testing - Home Page
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