New Features & Services

Welcome to the new ScabSmart website. We are proud to announce a host of new features and services that will enhance the usefulness of the site and make it easier to navigate. Click any image below to see the full size version.

New Layout and Design

New Look and Feel
The site has been totally redesigned with a new logo, color scheme, and site wide layout.

New State Page Layout
States now have their own pages that include variety and fungicide recommendations along with important documents and contacts.

New Navigation Features

One Click Navigation

Mobile Friendly Options

Web Browser
The adaptive layout changes with the web browser's screen size making the site mobile friendly. Page layout is combined with an intuitive navigation system that adapts to the device size. This provides several user experience enhancements that are appropriate for each device you use.

Progressive Web App
The new ScabSmart website has been updated with “Progressive Web Applications” (PWA) technology. PWA is a technology that allows a website to work offline and can optionally be installed in the operating system where it will look and act like any other app. To learn how to use this feature click here or access the top menu under Services.

New Services

A calendar service has been installed to provide a list of upcoming events, including field days, that are appropriate for the ScabSmart site. To view upcoming events here or access the top menu under Services.

Best Management Practices
The new best management practices pages are based on current research to provide you with the most up to date information on fungicides and integrated management strategies. The Best Management Practices menu at the top of the pages provides direct access to all of the related pages.