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ScabSmart provides key management information for each small grain class affected by this disease in the U.S. ScabSmart is intended as a quick guide to the integrated strategies that result in optimum reduction in Fusarium Head Blight (FHB=Scab) and the primary associated mycotoxin (DON). Through the use of this website, we hope you will find information on the best management strategies for Fusarium Head Blight in your region. Overall, the integration of management strategies (e.g. fungicide applications, genetic resistance, crop rotation, and residue management) provides the best control of scab and DON. Specifically, planting moderately resistant varieties along with the application of recommended fungicides at anthesis when the weather favors scab development offers a higher DON reduction and the best opportunity for improvement of grain quality (e.g. test weight).

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Quick Steps:
  1. Select your grain class and state from the grain class management drop down menu at the top of this page.
  2. Visit your class/state page to view current moderately resistant varieties and fungicides recommendation as well as more information specific to your state.
  3. Click on the fungicide timing menu to view optimum application timings for each grain class.
  4. Visit best management practices for more information on IPM.
  5. For information on disease progress, visit the scab forecasting models using the menu above.